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Sub-panel Installation

Question asked by kdwyer4 on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by fourseng

I am trying to run a 100amp (or 90amp) sub-panel in a detached garage. The main panel is 200amp at the front of the house.I believe I can run 1/0 SER cable in the basement to just out side the house then junction with 1/0 USE cable to direct burial the 30' to the sub-panel in the garage. My question is twofold, is 1/0 AL SER appropriate for this installation or do I need/can use smaller or larger wire and junction with USE of the same size? Can I run the SER to the outside then strip the jacket and run it in conduit to the sub panel. The whole run from Main to Sub is roughly 100' for planning purposes. Obviously, I want to do this to code. I have read things that you are not allowed to run SER in conduit (wet location) but did want clarification on how best to do this and most cost effective.