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waste garbage compactor systems

Question asked by on Aug 30, 2019

I have a question relative to NFPA 82 "Standards for Incinerators and Waste and Linen Handling Systems and Equipment". The provisions for waste compactors in NFPA 82 (2019 edition) Chapter 8 on paragraph indicated that compactors which charging capacities greater than 0.76 cubic meter have to be enclosed in a fire rated room. The charging capacity is not a defined term in this Standard. In a garbage compactor system - there is a compactor equipment (which is stationary) and a detachable waste container. There is a confusion that the charging capacity may include the container, but in my own opinion, the charging capacity is the volume of waste accommodated in the compactor itself which will be displaced to the adjacent container by mechanically pushing horizontally the garbage/waste to the container. Otherwise, if the charging capacity includes the volume of the container, the provision in paragraph of limiting to 0.76 cubic meter volume does not make sense since the container itself exceeds this volume and no commercial waste compactor systems will be able to comply with the exemption of not locating the waste compactor in a fire rated room.


I would really appreciate an answer to this question. Thank you in advance.




Carlito T. Cabahug, P.Eng., CP