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Question asked by gigconroy on Sep 10, 2019
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I work for a dredge company working aboard a vessel. I am confused by the "Extension Cord" issue. The company likes to refer to the OSHA rules as they are tied to the shore side of operations as well. Where I am only aboard a ship, the rules are not always the same. I have to contend with the CFR46, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), NFPA 70 2002, and IEEE 45-2002. All of which call out Flexible electric cord and Cables but not Extension Cords. My questions are:

1. Is there a NFPA definition of an extension cord?

2. If not, is the proper explanation just a flexible electric cord or cable? (I thought this was for the attached cable of a appliance.)

3 Where can I find the rules on proper use, care and or repairs?  We use them all over the ship and I need to educate my shipmates on where to find the CORRECT information when needed.


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