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Question asked by on Sep 22, 2019


       I would like to know one thing related to the Fire Alarm system Status Monitoring Device (MOST PROBABLY A DACT). We have one third party agency to monitor the Fire Alarm system, install their system (A DACT with MOBILE SIM) in each and every occupancy next to the FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL & they require owner/Fire Alarm system installer to arrange the power supply from the point where the supply enters Fire Alarm Panels so that specifically PRIMARY AC SUPPLY Monitoring is alo possible rather than just a common fault signal.

As we have read in NFPA 72  CHAPTER 10 FUNDAMENTALS> PRIMARY POWER SUPPLY that no other loads shall be connected with the dedicated branch line circuit. 

In the same Chapter 10, under section Monitoring Integrity of Power supplies say, where the DACT is powered from a protected premises fire alarm system control unit, all primary and secondary power supplies shall be monitored for the presence of voltage at the point of connection to the system excluding supplementary equipment & engine-driven generator output

So does this means that connecting DACT on the same point of connection inside FACP Primary Supply is according to the code regulations or not?