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Floor Surface Resistance to Ground

Question asked by raymonddeza on Sep 23, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by raymonddeza

A contract requires measuring resistance of floor surface to ground per "the latest" NFPA 99 edition that covers it.

According to reliable sources "floor surface resistance to ground" was removed from NFPA 99 in 2015. That implies that the "floor surface resistance to ground" would still be in 2012 edition. Before I purchase the 2012 standard, I'm browsing the free access one but could not find anything that refers to "floor surface resistance to ground".

It was in Appendix E of 2005, but 2012 edition no longer has appendix E.


Has that that spec also been removed from 2012, OR am I not searching hard enough? Would appreciate if someone pointed out where it is on 2012.