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Water Curtains

Question asked by evan.jannoulakis on Sep 29, 2019
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I've run into a situation where a client has added a water curtain line on all of 4 sides of his thermal oil boiler room (inside the boiler room - boiler is between to other rooms). This water curtain is fed by a dry pipe systen and is fitted with closed sprinkler heads. Only one line, installed 8 inches from the roof deck countours the wall. This sprinkler line is leveled with the adjancent ceiling sprinkler heads, which have the same temperature rating as the water curtain sprinkler heads. The problem I've observed is that the ceiling heads are less than 21/2-ft from the curtain wall heads and the curtain wall heads are spaced 3 ft from each other. 
I believe that baffles of noncombustible construction need to be placed half-way between the curtain wall heads and the ceiling heads as well as between the curtain wall sprinkler heads as per NFPA 13 (2019), art. and art., in order to prevent the heads from cold fusing each other.

Would anyone agree?