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NFPA 150 Animal Housing Subclassification

Question asked by naleskovsky on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by milt.werner

I am working on a small canine grooming salon.  It was my understanding that, per NFPA 150 this would be considered a Category B because the only animals in the facility will be mobile canines. 


150 (4)* states, "This includes animals that cannot be led by collars, halters, or other devices and equipment and animals that are not in mobile or rolling cages". How should this be interpreted? The owner of the facility wants to keep the dogs in non-mobile cages while they wait to be groomed, however all the dogs are mobile and can be led by collars etc.  I have been told that because the cages are not mobile - this makes the facility Category A.


Can anyone provide some clarity? I read this requirement as: animals that cannot be led need to be in mobile enclosures. Animals that can be led by the means listed do not need to be kept in mobile cages, otherwise what is the purpose of the code defining this method of leading the animals?


Thank you!

Nathan Aleskovsky, NCARB