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Question asked by on Oct 1, 2019
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Hello, I have one high rise building covered with a combined system but partially sprinkler (ordinary hazard G 01).

01- there are more than five risers.

02- as per standpipe calculations, system needs need 1250 GPM. for sprinklers around 350 GPM. 


As per NFPA 14 2016.

( Flow rates for combined systems shall be in accordance with The maximum flow rate shall be 1000 GPM(3785 L/min) for buildings that are sprinkled throughout, in accordance with NFPA 13, and 1250 GPM (4731 L/min) for buildings that are not sprinkled throughout, in accordance with NFPA 13. For a combined system in a building equipped with partial automatic sprinkler protection, the flow rate required by 7.10.1 shall be increased by an amount equal to the hydraulically calculated sprinkler demand or 150 GPM (568 L/min) for light hazard occupancies, or by 500 GPM (1893 L/min) for ordinary hazard occupancies, whichever is less.


My question is according to my case what the flow rate should be 

A- 1250 GPM which is the max flow as per (

B- 1250 GPM + 350 gpm = 1600 GPM as per ( ).


Please clarify, Thanks