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2017 NEC Section 300.10, 250.96, 250.118(6)

Question asked by daniel.burr on Sep 30, 2019
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what exactly does electrical continuity mean in a bonding or grounding sense per NEC.

 i have 30" of 4" LFMC on one end of my pipe run that connects to 60 feet of 4" rigid 
One end terminates in a switchgear and the other terminates in a generator enclosure 
  the voltage is 4160  and over 60 amps and there is a ground wire in the raceway  Does this meet the requirement  of 300.10  and 250.96  Electrical continuity     LFMC is limited per 250.118(6)
Does electrical continuity mean that each end of the pipe is electrically connected to enclosure  or does this mean that as long as the pipe has  one path to ground that the 
pipe is electrically connected?
Daniel Burr