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2017 NEC Section 300.10,250.96,20.118(6) Electrical continuity

Question asked by daniel.burr on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by chiefns830

What is the meaning of electrical continuity as far as bonding and grounding requirements per NEC?


For example: 30" length of 4" diameter of LFMC on one end of pipe then connects to 60 feet of 4" diameter of rigid, one of the ends terminates into a switch gear, other end terminates into a generator enclosure.


The voltage is 4,160 and it is over 60 amps, there is a ground wire in the raceway. What this meet the requirement of 2017 NEC Section 300.10 and  250.96 for electrical continuity? LMFC is limited in size per Section 250.118(6).


If the pipe is electrically connected to the enclosure, will the one path to ground be enough to meet electrical continuity sections  in the NEC?



Daniel Burr