Presidents Report

Discussion created by ssawyer on Oct 4, 2019

Happy Fall!

Sometimes I think that the new year should really begin with fall. The kids are all back in school, current projects and programs are wrapping up and many of us are knee deep (at least) in budget and program preparation for the coming year. Our fall board meeting this year is hosted by our IFMA Texas Chapter and we are looking forward to meeting with their leaders and membership to help them better meet their goals in the upcoming year. That chapter – likely just like your chapter is putting together their programs, training and meeting schedule for the coming year. I want to encourage all the chapters to take advantage of a couple of great training opportunities offered by IFMA – the Management and Fire Protection Engineering Institutes. The fire protection engineering program has been around for some time and continues to provide AHJs and others in prevention with the tools they need to keep up with the changing times in prevention.  The management institute is an excellent program for current and upcoming leaders interesting in learning about or refreshing their skills in topics necessary for success in managing any type of prevention program.  Please consider these courses when developing your next year’s programs and if interested, contact Steven Sawyer.

I would also like to welcome Georgia as our newest IFMA Chapter.  We are glad to have them on board and have been anticipating their membership for several years now. Those of you attending the chapter president’s meeting next year at NFPA’s C&E in Orlando can welcome them in person.  And while we are on that subject – many of you in chapter leadership already know that IFMA provides financial support for your chapter president to attend the president’s meeting before the C & E begins.  We will offer the assistance again this year I would like to encourage your president – or designee to attend.  The board continues to hear ways that we can make that experience more value added for the attendees.  We modified the program somewhat last year and the new format was well received.  We’ve got a few things in the works for next year and hope you can all attend. This year IFMA and the public educators section hope to be sponsoring one of the training sessions specifically targeting how to be successful in playing the game when it comes to working with legislators and lobbyists!

On behalf of your board of directors I would like to thank you again for your support and participation in the many programs where IFMA participates.  Be careful out there.


David Lynam

IFMA President