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Application of Portable CO2 extinguisher for Electronic/Electrical panel room protection

Question asked by hk0202.yoo on Oct 2, 2019

1. According to NFPA 10 [2018Ed] 6.4.3, the fire extinguishers for Class C fire shall be sized and located on the basis of the anticipated Class A or Class B hazard.


2. In case of Electronic / Electrical panel room, Class A fire is anticipated.


3. But as it can be found on NFPA 10 [2018Ed] H.3, Portable CO2 fire extinguishers usually only rated for Class B, C hazard.


4. And NFPA 10 [2018Ed] says that Smaller fire extinguishers that are rated on Class B and Class C fires but do not have a minimum 1-A rating shall not be used to meet the requirements of 6.2.1.


5. From above 4, Portable CO2 fire extinguisher without A rating cannot be sized and placed according to NFPA 10 [2018Ed] 6.2.1.
Therefore, for Class C fire in which Class A fire is anticipated, there is no specific standard for sizing / placing of Portable CO2 fire extinguisher which does not have A rating.


6. From above 1,2,3,4,5, for Electronic / Electrical panel room in which Class A fire is anticipated, Portable CO2 extinguisher without A rating is not applicable.


7. But in many cases and projects, Portable CO2 extinguisher (without A rating) is normally applied for Electronic / Electrical panel room. (Control room, computer room etc..)


8. Therefore, if above explanation is correct, I think (may be) the only solution for Class C fire in which Class A fire anticipated is Portable Clean Agent extinguisher.

(except for ABC dry chemical type - as the panels will be contaminated by dry chemical)


Please let me know if above understanding is correct.