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NEC 2017 Article 706.1 Vs. 490

Question asked by hyundeok.hwang on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by rcramereleceng

A scope of "NEC 2017 Article 706.1" is ESS over 50Vac(60Vdc).


On the other hand, NEC 2017 Article 490 is a general requirements for the system over 1000V.


So, I wonder if ESS is also covered by article 490.


For example) For PV system, Article 690.7 says to follow article 490 if the maximum votlage is over 1000V. On the other hand, I cannot find the similar expression in article 706.


+ Additional question;

- If the maximum system voltage is over 1000Vdc in ESS, are there additional requirements?


Thank you!!