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Standby Generator Wiring

Question asked by garrys917 on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2019 by brianbaughman

This is in reference to NFPA 110 Emergency and Standby Power Systems.  7.12.3 states: 


If the conduit's point of attachment to the EPS in on the forcing function side of the EPS vibration isolation system, a flexible conduit section(s) shall be installed between the EPS unit(s) and any of the following so installed:

(1) The transfer switch)


That is all I'm interested in.  Could anyone PLEASE translate "forcing function side" into English? LOL

We recently had a whole house 22KW Standby Generator put in and I would feel a whole lt better had they ran the sealtite from the generator all the to the transfer switch, which is located in the basement adjacent to the panelboard  instead of cutting it off just after it entered the house.  Just SE cable and a small control cable from there