Galvinized Pipe and Fittings

Discussion created by wileywilson on Oct 9, 2019

I have a concerned issue with using galvanized steel pipe (ASTM A53) and malleable iron fittings in a combination water supply to domestic water systems and fire sprinkler systems.   Galvanized pipe and fittings are listed in the International Plumbing Code and the United Plumbing Code for use on domestic water.   My concern is not with the steel it is with the zinc coating.   NSF has no certification for zinc coating on pipe or fittings therefore there is no NSFpw markings on the pipe or fittings and they have no galvanizing process plants certified to apply the coating.   Galvanized steel pipe and fittings are used in the multi-family and single family homes where usually there is a larger water demand to supply both the domestic and fire protection.   The galvanized steel is used to reduce and split the service.   NSF has certified zinc coatings on tanks and listed the plants that are certified to apply the process.   Who can put a stop to this?   I think that all products being used on our drinking water should carry a NSFpw brand and certainly when coated pipe and fittings are allowed the processor's information should be displayed.