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DIGITAL inspection for annual fire extinguisher maintenance (seeking AHJ opinions)

Question asked by mjpeters on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by dslocum



We are looking at ways to make the annual maintenance process easier for more people, especially those in remote or rural areas who may have a hard time getting a service company to come and check their extinguishers.


One idea we had was to develop an app that allows users to take photos of their extinguisher from various angles and then submit the photos for remote inspection by a certified technician. If a problem was found, then a technician would be dispatched to fix the issue (or I guess the person could also buy a new extinguisher). If not, they could get annual inspection tags via mail.


I would like to get feedback on this concept from fire marshals or any other AHJs on this platform - if you encountered this technology in use, what would you think about it?