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What is the scope for an ASSE 6010 Installer per NFPA99 in day-to-day operations?

Question asked by jtalabera on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2019 by Eric Victor

My question is specific to his day to day work. Is he the only one allowed to perform the connections and pipe laying? Or he acts more as a supervisor/foreman of his team. Is every person within the team needs to be a certified ASSE6010 installer?  

I am asking this as I have an ASSE6010 installer which works more as the supervisor of his team. His team has certified welders and people that help with the buildup of the pipe system. These people are under his supervision and follow his directions per requirement by the code. He is professional in charge of meeting every NFPA99 requirement. Yet, I have an inspection officer who is asking me that absolutely every team member must be a certified ASSE6010 installer. If I don't comply, the only team member that can do pipe laying and connections is the supervisor ASSE6010 installer.   

Thanks in advance.