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Recirculating Systems per NFPA 96

Question asked by johng on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2019 by tomj

I work in the commercial food equipment manufacturing field and have a code question regarding Vent less (recirculating) integral hoods.  NFPA 96 addresses these, but I am seeing a significant amount of small electric ovens with integral recirculating systems on them claiming compliance to EPA Method 202 (less than 5mg/ cubic meter) being installed without any hood.  These are UL 197 listed, and only the emissions per EPA Method 202 is taken from UL 710B.  My question is does not the balance of NFPA 96 (Section 13) regarding recirculating hoods apply?  Or is it because it is integral and the oven as a whole emits less than the 5 mg/cubic meter makes the rest of the recirculating requirements (i.e., interlocks for filter placement and airflow detection) not applicable?  


I would like to know what the AHJs are looking for.

Thank you, John