480vac 3ph Power Distribution

Discussion created by marc.gelinas on Oct 23, 2019
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I have a system where we are supplying a skid with 3 VFD/motors. The VFD/motors are each wired to there own fused safety disconnect.  The skid also has a fused disconnect for power supply to a 480/120 transformer.  The transformer supplies power to receptacles.  The receptacles have 120vac controllers plugged in to them.  These controllers operate the VFDs.  The (4) fused disconnects are all daisy chained together on the line side with plant power coming in to the first disconnect.


My question is can I or even should I be providing a main fused disconnect capable of the entire load of the system before the first of my (4) disconnects.  This would give me a single point of disconnect for my skid.  The line side of my (4) disconnects would then be connected to the load side of this main disconnect.


I appreciate any input on this topic.