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2015 NFPA 99 Hose Concealment

Question asked by Eric Victor on Oct 25, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2019 by Eric Victor

I have a few OR's being renovated and they are installing ceiling mounted medical gas booms.  The manufacturer has supplied a steel box for the pipe line to terminate in with DISS outlets.  This box is above a finished ceiling and the boom assembly will connect to the outlets using flexible hoses.  I have denied this installation to be acceptable based on the following 2015 NFPA Code references: - Hose and flexible connectors....shall not penetrate or be concealed in wall, floors, ceilings, or partitions.

The manufacturer is not providing any access to the hoses in the assembly as allowed by the removal of any of the assembly's doors, covers, panels, etc as allowed by  Instead the contractor will be installing an access panel in the finished ceiling adjacent to the boom in order to access the hose connections to the DISS outlets.  

It is my interpretation that this access panel does not make the installation compliant and that the hose connections should be accessible only from removing panels, covers, doors off of the assembly.  

The manufacturer and installing contractor says this setup is compliant because the flexible hoses are allowed to be enclosed within the interior of the assembly.  However, NFPA handbook (after A.5.1.6) goes on to state that “The manufactured assembly is placed over the station outlets, usually with a panel that can be removed for access to the outlets.


Does the current installation of the enclosure where the hoses connect above a ceiling and only accessible through a panel not part of the manufactured assembly comply with the requirements of the code?