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Door latches (Section, 2001 edition)

Question asked by b.beil on Oct 28, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by milt.werner

Dear experts:


Section 2001 edition:  The last sentence of this section says:  "Doors shall be operable with not more than one releasing operation."


My local code enforcement officer interprets this to mean that egrass doors CANNOT be an ordinary twist type door handle.  He says it must be a levered handle.


He says an ordinary doorknob requires TWO releasing operation.s


There is an exception to this section, permitting ONE additional "releasing operation." This applies to "devises" can be used  if that the second "releasing operation" does not require the use of a key.   


This suggest that, for example, a deadbolt would be permissible so long as it can be operated from the inside without a key.  In other words, that would be an "additional" "releasing operation,"  but it would be permitedd (for indiviudal living units.  If, as this code officer claims, a single handle requires two "releasing operations" to begin with, this "exception" would be meaningless.


I think he is misinterpreting this code.  Does anyone else share my opinion, or do you think he is right?


Thanks for your help.


PS:  I not sure if I will be able to find any response to this question, because I don't know how this site works.  A response to my email address would be appreciated.  It is b.beil@GMX.dom


THanks, again.