Service Disconnect

Discussion created by markselectric on Oct 25, 2019
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Been having some discussions with other people in the trade, and the subject of Service Disconnects came up in regards to OCP and it's location for dwellings or in general. Some have mentioned that the first OCP device has to be the Service Disconnect and some disagree. I have looked at Article 230 and 230.90 and 230.91 specifically. I see no where in Article 230 where it states the first OCP device shall be the Service Disconnect.

As in 230.91, it specifies that the OCPD shall be an integral part of the Service Disconnect or shall be immediately adjacent thereto, which could imply the first OCPD maybe the Service Disconnect per a specific installation.

Implying the first OCPD has to be the Service Disconnect would conflict with other sections of 230, especially 230.82.

I see nothing, other than equipment specified in 230.82 that can be installed ahead of the Service Disconnect which may or may not incorporate OCP.