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Fire Protection System

Question asked by hasib.hj1325 on Nov 2, 2019
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we are making Ready mate Garments  Building, actually our Building Ground floor level 2 feet above from Ground level. if we consider 2 feet than our building height is 76 feet. we are want to accommodate our factory worker living space on roof top. now my question are three in below:

1. if we are making living space for worker on roof top of Garments Building, is it allowable? if yes then what part of the roof can we use?

2. We have Mezzanine floor with one Stair. is there a need for another stair or ladder? 

3. Our Floor level is 2 feet above the present soil. if we consider 2 feet then building height will be 76 feet. in this situation do we need sprinkler for the building?Building & Life Safety