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SCBA Fire Service Lens Inspection

Question asked by bossairman40 on Oct 31, 2019
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NFPA 1852 section reads: Facepiece inspection shall include the following:  (3) Lens checked for holes, cracks, scratches, heat-damaged areas, and a proper seal with the facepiece material.


The SCBA mask lens is plastic in general term.  In 2013 all manufacturers were required to improve lens heat integrity.


I am an SCBA technician and I take my job seriously. I have contacted every SCBA manufacturer to answer one question:


What or how do you recommend to inspect a lens manufactured by your company and deem it safe or unsafe or suggest to remove from service due to SCRATCHES?



NFPA does not specify what a "scratch" is nor does the manufacturers seem to address this in any owners manuals .


Can anyone provide insight into what is considered a SCRATCH according to NFPA 1852?

Can anyone provide information on effect scratches have on the safety of a lens used in the fire service?

New lenses pass the test but what about a used lens, when are they to be taken out of service due to scratches?