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NFPA-70E 130.5 (H) Labeling 2018 Edition

Question asked by rbandura on Nov 11, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by rrgaudreau

5 Year Reassessment Due--If there are no changes in the electrical system distribution from Utility provider to end user.  No new equipment, single-lines remain the same, available fault current from Utility provider remains the same and the existing labeling meets all the requirements of 130.5 (H) 2018 Edition. 


QUESTION 1-- does the equipment labeling-- specifically the "Date" on the label  need to be updated for all the labels on the equipment in the field from the Arc Flash Risk Assessment? 


QUESTION 2--What is acceptable means to document that the 5 year reassessment that was performed:

  •  if there are no changes does the analysis have to be rerun
  • if there are no changes does the date on the  label need to be  changed
  • Can it all be documented (1 page)  and added to front page of existing Arc Flash Risk Assessment