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Number of Receptacles in Category 1 Space

Question asked by chiefns830 on Nov 19, 2019
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I have a plan review that I'm doing with a room that was originally labeled as "operating" room, now labeled as "trauma/resuscitation."  This is for a stand alone Trauma center building.  The registered design professional has clearly identified on the plan that this is a Category 1, critical care space.  This is the only room in the facility that is designated as a Category 1, critical care space


My question is - how many receptacles does this space require, per NEC?  I've asked for receptacles per 2017 NEC 517.19(C), but they insist "that it's not an operating room" and that "FGI guidelines" only require 16 receptacles.  In their response they state that this is a "diagnostic and treatment room."


I don't see how it can be both a

Category 1 space, and a

"diagnostic and treatment room" 


Am I wrong?  Would 16 receptacles suffice?  Should I ask for a copy of the FGI guidelines that state this?  Any thoughts?