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NFPA 13R Basement- What is the Hazard?

Question asked by christophers on Nov 19, 2019
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I am working on a fire sprinkler design/drawing for a 3-Story R-1 Tourist Home, District R-3. They are converting an existing, three-story, single family home into a five unit, short term rental apartments. The building is to be fully sprinklered, NFPA 13R system. 

There is also a basement. I asked the GC what the basement was going to be used for. He stated "unused", but there is already a new electrical panel and a water heater in the basement. 


My questions is, what would the hazard for the basement be if the entire building is to be sprinklered per NFPA 13R? I'm assuming I should treat it as a worse case scenario and go with Ordinary Hazard Group II but I am currently trying to find the answer of what the hazard should be for the basement.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
Chris Shaheen

Fire Sprinkler Designer (3 years experience)