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Testing of a non-UL certified transfer switch prototype

Question asked by jeremiah on Dec 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by chiefns830

Hello all!


I have designed and built an automated battery transfer switch that currently fits into a 70 AMP breaker box. The current setup is home breaker box -> Romex -> device -> Romex -> breaker -> home outlets (I have attached an image as an example). The device is rated at 20 AMP and oversized to meet all UL requirements around automated transfer switches.


The device passes power through unless it senses it doesn't have power than transfers to the battery. Once power is restored it transfers back to the home power.


I have several of the units built; however, I need to test them prior to putting them through UL and would prefer to do it outside of the lab environment.


I am wondering if I am able to test a certain number of these in "friends and families" homes. Since these go inline with the existing Romex and require installing the device I was planning to have an electrician install them.


Thank you for any help in advance.