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NFPA2001_Clean Agent_Piping Thread

Question asked by fm4785558 on Dec 9, 2019
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Dear All 
NFPA2001_2018 edition says for piping threads; All threads used in joints and fittings shall conform to ASME B1.20.1, Standard on Pipe Threads, General Purpose, or ISO 7-1, Pipe Threads Where Pressure-Tight Joints Are Made on the Threads — Part 1: Dimensions, Tolerances and Designation. Joint compound, tape, or thread lubricant shall be applied only to the male threads of the joint. 


Both standard ASME B1.20.1 and ISO 7-1 are for taper type thread NPT and BSPT. 
In UK , Europe and rest of the world except USA , BSP type threads are used.
Is there any specific reason in order not use BSP? 
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