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Diesel vs. Electric Fire Pumps

Question asked by carl_fromm on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by sunilpal2005

We are planning to use two vertical turbine fire pumps (one working, one standby spare) to provide seawater for firefighting at the new wharf at a marine oil terminal. Standard practice would be to provide one electric-driven and one diesel-driven pump. Locating a diesel tank on the offshore platform, however, introduces a concern over potential marine spills and platform fires.  Also, this arrangement would require a large footprint needed to accommodate a horizontal diesel engine and a tank. For these reasons, we are contemplating using two electric pumps on the offshore platform drawing power from a dedicated diesel generator located onshore and backed up by facility power.  I will appreciate your input on whether anyone has seen/used such arrangement or any comments/opinions about code compliance or reliability. Thanks.