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Requirements for electronic record keeping of Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Question asked by mattnelson521 on Dec 12, 2019
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What is the requirements for electronic record keeping of Fire Extinguisher Inspections?

A little more detail into what i'm asking. Currently we are doing our regular monthly fire extinguisher inspections as normal. Once the inspection of a fire extinguisher is completed, we sign the tag off for that month. Then next to the the fire extinguisher we scan a NFC tag with our cell phone. This opens a report for that particular fire extinguisher that asks a serious of Pass or Fail questions we have to answer. 


1. Extinguisher is accessible?
2. Signage and lighting is Correct?
3. Discharge Hose/nozzle is in good shape and not clogged, cracked, or broken.
4. Mounted in an easily accessible place, no debris or material stacked in front of it.
5. Safety pin is in place and intact. Nothing else should be used in place of the pin.
6. Label is clear and extinguisher type and instructions can be read easily.
7. Handle is intact and not bent or broken.
8. Pressure gauge is in the green and is not damaged or showing “recharge”
9. Extinguisher was turned upside down at least three times (shaken)
10. It is not rusty, or has any type of corrosion build up.


Once you are done it keeps the responses within a database that we can run a report on once all 1500 fire extinguishers are inspected. I would like to stream line this from a Pass or Fail set of questions to just a simple single response with either Passed or Failed with reason response. Shown below.


Failed FE Missing From Assigned Location or Damaged
Failed FE Inspection Tag Missing or Needs Replacement
Failed FE Low Pressure
Failed FE Seal Broken
Passed But Defective Box or Hook


This would allow us to scan the tag choose the correct response based on the inspection we just did and move on. 


This issue i'm running into is i'm getting push back for this due to the single response would not meet the NFPA standards. From my research i have yet to find any NFPA standards pertaining to requirements for a Electronic Inspection record system. As long as we follow the standards for the actual inspection then sign off on the Fire Extinguisher tag attached to it. We would be meeting the NFPA standards correct?


Thank you for any help i can get with this matter.