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Fire Protection For Storage Room in Light Hazard

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2019 by nocivus

I have a light hazard building (office and clinic) with a 1080sq.ft. area for storing small medical kits in individual cases.  They are placed on shelves about 6ft high and NOT on pallets (this is not a warehouse with forklift access).  What commodity class would that be, if the items are not on pallets, and does this require ordinary hazard sprinkler density?  If it does require OH1 coverage, does the water supply duration then have to be 60min, even though the rest of the facility is light hazard with a 30min water supply duration requirement (the system is supervised and has a fire alarm panel with callout to the fire department)?  I am asking in order to be able to size the water storage tank.