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IFMA 2020 Nominating Committee Report

Question asked by ssawyer on Dec 16, 2019

The 2020 IFMA nominating committee submits the following report for the upcoming IFMA Election.


President: Chris Hiener – Fire Marshal Union Fire District, RI

1st Vice President: Ken Tyree – State Fire Marshal, WV

2nd Vice President: Laurie Christensen – Fire Marshal, Harris County, TX

Secretary: Kevin Sehlmeyer – Michigan State Fire Marshal, MI



Dan Hodge – Fire Marshal Haines Fire District, SD, Term Expires 2022

Kip LaMotte – Fire Marshal New Brighton Fire Division, MN, Term Expires 2021

Justin Finan – Lieutenant County of Henrico Division of Fire, VA, Term Expires 2022


Candidates other than those named by the Nominating Committee may be nominated by petition of 10 members of the Association provided such petitions are received by the Executive Secretary no less than five and no more than 45 days after publication of the Nominating Committee's nominations. All nominees for office must be members of the Association.