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Max Number of Sprinkler Heads In R-2 Dwelling Unit

Question asked by on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2019 by cdafd

Good morning any help would be much appreciated. I have an R-2 complex being built with 25 units within it. They are installing a 13R system throughout the dwelling units.

NFPA-13R section states listed residential sprinklers shall be used unless another type is permitted by section or

Section Listed quick response sprinklers shall be permitted to be installed in dwelling units meeting the definition of compartment, as defined in section 3.3, where no more than four sprinklers are located in the dwelling unit.

My question is does each room within a dwelling unit constitute its own compartment and no more than 4 sprinklers can be installed in that room, or is it only four sprinklers within the entire dwelling unit no matter how many rooms are in the unit. Thank you in advance for any assistance provided.


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