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Open Convenience Stair

Question asked by mpednault on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by milt.werner

Hello from Maine!


We're less than 90 days away from having this Large (48k sf - 66 bed), New Residential Board & Care (Chapter 32) facility that we've designed substantially complete.  I'm the Architect and handling construction administration for the project.  This is a two story, Type V (1,1,1) building that is fully sprinklered.


The State Fire Marshal Plans Reviewer emailed me last week that we are not in compliance with the provisions of NFPA 101 (2009 ed.) section - Convenience Openings for the open stair (Stair 1 - ST-1) in the middle/bottom of the plans attached.  The stair in question is not being used as a means of egress for the building.  His claim is that we aren't meeting section (3) that states an open stair shall be separated from corridors.  Those spaces that stair opens to could simply be relabeled and be considered "lobbies".


On the lower level the walls enclosing the space at the bottom of that stair have been constructed as (1) hour smoke barriers with applicable doors/frames.  We feel the walls at the lower level as designed meet the intent of section (3) if we relabel that space something other than corridor.


We're hoping we're not required to place a new wall at the bottom of Stair 1 with a single door before you enter the "lobby".  If this lower level space meets the intent of the code than the upper level can remain as designed because it can be fully open.