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Quick Response Sprinklers In a Dry System?

Question asked by bikerben on Jan 7, 2020

Hi there,


I would appreciate some feedback on using quick response sprinklers in a dry system. I have found no reference in NFPA 13 indicating specifically if QR Uprights can or can not be used.  Therefore, I assume that they are acceptable providing it is a light or ordinary hazard classification.


I have researched and found varying opinions.  I believe fire testing shows that the use of QR sprinklers in dry systems can help with fluid delivery time.  However, with more sprinklers operating before the water arrives to control the fire, some argue that there is increased system demand.  I agree with both scenarios, however, I don't believe the amount of sprinklers operating would exceed the design area of a properly calculated system.


I would love to hear some different opinions on the subject.