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Nozzle placement and limitations in NFPA 2001 for clean agent fire suppression system

Question asked by niranjan.boteju on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by tdarling

I need advice on the following two questions:


1. Recently we concluded an installation on the Novec1230 fire suppression system. However, once our installation has finished, the other contractor namely the Electrical guy has fixed a cable tray quite closer to the installed location of discharge nozzles. Cable tray has a distance of 50mm vertically downwards from one of the discharge nozzles and the tray is traveling horizontally across the data room. Will this create a harmful effect in the event of a discharge? Please let me know if there is a clause in NFPA2001 to highlight this point or nozzle clearance.


2. We have a small data center hall inclusive of a rack containment. However, no separate nozzles have been placed inside the containment rack volume but only nozzles are placed in room soffit level to cover the complete room volume inclusive of rack containment on a Total flooding basis. Is this acceptable or do we require separate nozzles to be placed in containment racks too? Please let me know if there is a clause in NFPA2001 to highlight this point.