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According to NFPA 2001 , when using Halocarbon systems, how to take the specific measures to limit the exposion time within 5minutes if the select the design concentration above NOAEL ?

Question asked by zhangya on Jan 14, 2020

In the provison clause1.5.1.2 of the NFPA2001, regarding to Halocarbon systems, "Halocarbon systemsforspaces that arenormally occupied and designed to concentrations above the NOAEL[seeTable1.] shall be permitted if means are provided to limit exposure to the design concentrations shown in Table1. through Table1. that correspond to an allowable human exposure time of 5 minutes." ,so the design concentration which above NOAEL is allowed, the limit time shall be limit to with 5 minutes, but the standard don't illustrate an specific measure, so, does anyone know the mutual practice that can be taken to meet this clause? thanks a lot!