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Combine Exit Stair Enclosure and Lift Shaft Pressurization System

Question asked by hamad.koroni on Jan 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by hamad.koroni

Is it acceptable to combine exit stair enclosure and lift shaft pressurization system in one pressurization system? The pressurization system will consist of one duty fan and one standby fan.

There is a lift requires pressurization system attached to the exit stair enclosure and there is no space to locate the pressurization fans on roof. The suggestion is to provide air supply to the lift shaft from the exit stair enclosure pressurization system. The stair pressurization system (duty fan & standby fan) are ceiling mounted inside the exit stair enclosure without separation between the fans and stair. The fans inside the exit stair enclosure is acceptable as per (2) NFPA 101 2018 Edition. 

Would you please advise if this suggestion (exit stair enclosure pressurization system could supply air pressure for both the stair and lift).