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DMP New Panel Install

Question asked by tania.gire on Jan 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2020 by cdafd

We have 19 buildings in HOA, 4 units in each building for a total of 76 units.  30 year old fire panels need to be replaced and considering using DMP  XR150FC Fire Control Panel, 630F Remote Annunciator, 263LTE-V Cellular Communicator, 715-18T Zone Expansion Module  (19 qty one for each building).  Each building has 27 heat sensors in the four units.  


Question:  Getting conflicting information on DMP products that it is the bottom of the line quality?  Is there any information on product ratings?    We would like to go with low cost option but also want to insure there is a level of quality.    Need any input as we are getting conflicting info.  

Thank you.