NFPA 70 700.16  Egress Lighting

Discussion created by vmazzeffi on Jan 29, 2020
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Hi, My question is in regards to the second paragraph of 700.16 which states:


"Emergency lighting systems shall be designed and installed so that the failure of any individual lighting element, such as the burning out of a lamp, cannot leave in total darkness any space that requires emergency illumination."


My company builds a large number of warehouses and we prefer to illuminate the exterior mandoor landings with an multi diode LED fixture.  This fixture is either backed up by an internal battery or an inverter.  Quite often during a villages review they will cite this code and require us to add an additional means of egress lighting.  We usually take care of this by adding a remote head off of the interior exit sign.


They are interpreting 700.16 use of the word "element" to apply to the driver of the LED fixture.  I do not agree with this interpretation but have trouble fighting this.  Maybe with a single diode LED fixture I'd lean towards the multi fixture installation.


Am I interpreting this wrong?


If you agree any recommendations on something to cite in order to not have to double up emergency fixtures?   This has been a long ongoing issue.  IBC 2018 1008.3.5 has a similar reference to specifically not relying on a "single lamp in a luminaire."  This wording gives me a better arguement but this code applies to group I-2 occupancies.


Thank you for your help!