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NFPA 1002 (2017) Prerequisites

Question asked by wgraves on Jan 30, 2020

Does 1002 require 1001?  We are an industrial site and have been running our firefighters through the 1081 program and then the 1002 driver and had planned to run them through the 1002 pump as well.  I noticed that our province (Alberta) now requires 1001 Level 1 as a prerequisite to any level of the 1002 (based on the 2017 edition).  So I went and read the 2017 edition of the 1002 and at the beginning it says that the 1001 Level 1 prereq has been removed and replaced with job specific duties.  Yet in the standard it references the 1001 and in the appendix it says it's required.  So I'm trying to determine whether it is or not and why?