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NFPA 286

Question asked by maryann on Jan 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by cdafd

We have 16 oz. and 18 oz. vinyl materials that my customers are wanting to use for divider curtains for athletic venues such as indoor tennis, basketballs, volleyball courts etc.  Other applications for this material would be indoor athletic wall pads.  We are not a fabricator, but only sell rolled goods to our customers that fabricate this material into curtains, pads, etc.  Would testing the material straight off the roll for NFPA 286 be valid to say that it can pass NFPA 286 regardless of the application?  My understanding from reading the method is that the test is application specific.  Am I interpreting that correctly?  Are there specific requirements from Fire Marshalls that would require NFPA 286?


Thank you!


Mary Ann Scott