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Tank heater or no?

Question asked by hogatefire on Jan 31, 2020

My question is in the NFPA22 Standard for water tanks for private fire protection. 2018 edition.

In chapter 16 Tank Heating.

"16.1.1 Tanks that are subject to freezing shall be heated."

"16.1.2* The heating system shall be of such capacity that the temperature of the coldest water in the tank or tank riser, or both, is maintained at or above 42* F during the coldest weather."


"16.2* Heating Requirements" "Tanks shall be provided with heating systems in accordance with Table 16.2.1(a) , 16.2.1 (b) and Table 16.2.1 (c)."


I have a suction tank at ground level. In an area where the lowest mean temperature is = to or greater than5*F. Table 16.2.1 (b) seems to apply to my situation. My only source of heat would be "Electric Immersion Heater". In this table under " Suction tanks" it states "No requirement for heating."


My question is this. Do I or do I not need to heat the tank. I can see heating the outlet and valve for the fire water supply, but the hole tank?