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Fuel fired heating appliance

Question asked by billm06880 on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by milt.werner

I have a question regarding a code NFPA 1 section 1)  All fuel fired heating appliances shall be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer s instructions, and shall be
inspected at least once during any 2-year period by person(s) certified in accordance with section 1.13. Inspections shall be in
accordance with the standards and recommended procedures for inspection of existing appliances established under NFPA 31, 54 and
211, including the measurement of carbon monoxide in the flue gas.

When they say "all fuel fired heating appliances" do they mean all appliances that heat (for example a gas stove is an appliance that uses heat to cook the food, which is the main purpose of this device, to cook food not to heat the building.)or do they mean all fuel fired appliances whose purpose is to give off heat to heat the building only e.g. a furnace or propane heater etc.  If they meant any device that uses heat to accomplish their goals an oven or clothes dryer wouldn't it be written "all fuel fired appliances that use heat".