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Manual pulls in new Hotels and Dormitories

Question asked by lasfm on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by milt.werner

101: requires initiation of a fire alarm system by:  1) Manual means in accordance with 9.6.2, 2) Manual fire alarm box at the hotel desk or central point under continuous supervision, 3) automatic sprinkler system and 4) automatic detection system other than room system smoke detectors.


So I presume, in a three story dormitory building, there would be manual pulls because the occupancy chapter requires both manual pulls and a sprinkler system.  However, 101: states that where waterflow detection devices initiate the fire alarm system, not less than one manual fire alarm box shall be provided.


Therefore, in a three story dormitory building provided with a monitored sprinkler system, would one pull station, located in a central, continously supervised location (i.e. the hotel desk or main dormitory lobby) be appropriate provided the AHJ accepts the location?


It seems strange that Chapter 28 would seem to indicate manual pulls and sprinkler system are required, but then reverse itself in Chapter 9 and say only one pull is required when the sprinkler system is provided and monitored?