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Passive-Purge NFPA 13D questions

Question asked by marcie.christensen on Feb 7, 2020
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I work for an insurance company and am doing a project on residential sprinkler systems.  I have a couple of questions I am trying to get answers to.  


1) On a Passive-Purge system that does not have a pressure sensor (which means the system cannot be monitored by an alarm company, which we require), does a C16 licensed sprinkler contractor have to obtain permits?  Is there any code that they must follow to install the pressure sensor? 


2) I was told by a sprinkler contractor that code requires a residence that has 100 sprinkler heads or more to be monitored by an alarm company.  Is this a California Code? Or NFPA code, that I cannot locate?


3) I was also told that on a Passive-Purge system a Pressure sensor (for monitoring purposes) should be installed closer to the plumbing fixture (more than likely a toilet) which is further away from the riser.  Why is this?  


and last


4) Exactly how does a pressure sensor work on a Passive Purge system? 


Thank you for your help.  I am presenting this project on 2/11/20 and appreciate any help I can get.