Relocatable Power Taps

Discussion created by carl.mister on Feb 17, 2020
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Hi all. I keep going down the RPT rabbit hole after reviewing NFPA 1, UL 1363, UL White Book, and OSHA. I have come to the conclusion the NEC is silent on RPTs. All the references above seems to say hey, yup you can use RPTs in accordance with their listed use. The kicker for me is UL 1363 which mentions fixed wiring:


"In accordance with NEC NFPA 70, RPT are for use as a moveable power supply connection for cord and plug connected electrical utilization equipment and shall not serve as the fixed wiring of a structure or of a fixed furnishings, such as but mot limited to applications in permanent countertops of kitchen and bathrooms."


Question 1 - where in the NEC does it address moveable power supplies for cord and plug equipment? Did UL 1363 make an incorrect reference to NEC?

Question 2 - what is the definition of fixed wiring? Could not locate a definition  in the NEC, UL 1363, or NFPA 1. I could make assumptions on what this means but looking for chapter and verse reference. If fixed wiring means permanent wiring, then wouldn't this indicate you cannot use RPTs at all?


I think what UL 1363 is trying to say, that RPTs can be used for equipment indoors that is moveable (laptops, phone chargers, etc) and low current draw.


In terms of the NEC, I think it comes down to whether or not you can use flexible cord and cables that are part of the RPTs.


I am asking because I have an application where I need to provide power to a phone booth (see attached example for reference). The booth is on casters so it is moveable. I would not define the booth as an office furnishing per Article 605 and have assumed it is utilization equipment. The factory supplied cord and plug to the booth is too short to the nearest permanently installed outlet. Extension cords are out. Maybe an RPT if I can figure out what fixed wiring means.