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I am looking for up to date NFPA standards and training on UTV(side by side) operator training and policies

Question asked by tyler_yarbrough on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by epacs

In my organization we use side by side off road vehicles(UTVs) for all hazards response coverage during special events at city parks, venues, festivals, concerts, etc., in our urban areas.  We have zero training and or policy on operational practices for UTV operators, passengers, equipment storage.  I am asking what is the current best practices for initial and yearly training requirements?  What is the best practice for PPE?  We have been providing coverage to these types of events for over 2 decades and somehow the our normal safety culture has not extended into the UTV operational aspect.  We staff over 200 events per year and luckily no serious accidents!  I feel is something did happen we would be in the "hurt locker" if a serious accident occurred that caused substantial property damage or injury to a member or civilian.

Thank you for your help