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NFPA 130 trainway egress coffin space

Question asked by zoechen1220 on Feb 17, 2020

I have a question about NFPA 130 the means of egress within Trainway. In 2010 edition, section, it stated the means of egress within trainway shall be provided with an unobstructed clear width. (with minimum width of 610 mm at walking surface level, 760mm at 1420 mm above walking surface and 610 mm at 2025 mm above the walking surface as indicated in NFPA 130_2010, section 


Can I have a handrail counted into this unobstructed clear space?


In accordance with NFPA 101_2012, section Projections within the means of egress of non more than 114 mm on each side shall be permitted at a height of 965 mm and below.


If my handrail is 100 mm from the trackwall and 900mm above the walking surface, could I have the handrail blocked in this coffin area as per NFPA 101 projection exception rule?